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What is PIC-TRADE?
PIC-TRADE is a community of people from around the world who share the latest revolutionary platform, built on the basis of innovative automated systems. Thanks to modern developments and crowdfunding cooperation model, PIC-TRADE offers a completely new level of passive income! Today, PIC-TRADE increases the volume of assets due to investments of own funds, venture capital investments, as well as external investments. So there are opportunities to create new assets, getting of shared profit by community members. Such development model ensures stable profit growth, guarantees the reliability of the fact that investing in a community platform cannot be losing.
Is community activity legal?

All Community activities are absolutely legal and does not contradict laws. To confirm this, PIC TRADE LTD, a limited liability company, is registered in accordance with the Companies Act of 2006. The document was issued by the Registration Chamber of the UK in Cardiff, September 16, 2019 and was confirmed by the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales. You can check it by clicking on the link to Registrar of companies.

What does PIC TRADE LTD do?

PIC TRADE LTD is a privately held financial company registered in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. It carries on economic activity on trading markets and exchanges in the legal field of the USA, Canada, the Eurozone, Asia and the CIS. Also, a certain amount of cryptocurrency is the share of the company's assets, used for trading on stock exchanges, it gives us the ability to attract independent investment for company development and to finance community development.

Is PIC-TRADE a community, company or how is it positioned?
The PIC TRADE LTD is an officially registered company whose main activity direction is trade. Activity areas are distributed between the e-commerce trade, retail and profits from business assets. An idea came up first, then a team formed. Then community was created. We registered the Company and it has grown and achieved the international level. We run mechanism of bringing together people from around the world in the form of international community, which will grow into a holding. We are a part of a large and one whole, everyone receives the desired income.
What are the main goals of PIC TRADE LTD?
The main aim of our company is the formation of a stable income from existing business as well as providing investors with reliable opportunities to get stable profit from investments. The company PIC TRADE LTD makes extensive use of the strategy to diversify and minimize overhead costs by methods of machine learning and application of neural networks, using modern methods of trade, but also enhances the overall business efficiency in all possible ways. All these measures are aimed at achieving the goals of the company and gaining new opportunities for growth and progress. To give an opportunity to everyone who wants to improve their knowledge and increase their personal budget is where the goal of creating a community of self-sufficient and wealthy people practicing investment activity came from.
How much does the company earn on trust?
All profit earned in excess of the profit that the company is obliged to pay to the participants is the company's earnings. In addition to these revenues, the company makes profit using its own working capital in the investment process.
How is a company able to generate such high returns for investors?
Applying diversification, modern technologies, based on the basis of neural networks and machine learning, we manage to maintain the highest profitability. We established investment community on the conditions that support its steady growth and profit for EACH participant according to the Community Development Agreement.
Who can become a member of the community?
Any adult can become a member of the community.
How to become a member of the community?
In order to become a member of the PIC-TRADE community, it’s enough to fill out a simple registration form, agree to the conditions of the community. You must enter a username, password, email address (we recommend using the gmail.com mail service). After registration, you can enter your personal account, replenish the balance of your account and open a deposit using community tokens. Also, do not forget to enter your payment details in the appropriate section of your personal account. To participate in the community you do not need to have a large start-up capital.
What does PIC-TRADE offer to community members?
Long before the PIC TRADE LTD opening, back in mid-2018 , the management of the existing company came to the conclusion that it was time to maximize the business influence and create a community based on a crowdfunding investment platform. In this regard, it was decided to provide passive online earnings opportunities for participants from all over the world. To this end, an online investment platform has been created that is able to bring high returns to investors on the Internet, managing private investments through a convenient interface and consistently high-quality cooperation options.
How to access my account ?
To access your account, you must log in to your personal account by entering the login and password specified during registration.
Can I be sure of the security of my data?
Yes, the community guarantees each participant the protection and security of personal data. We do not share your personal data with third parties! Our Internet resource is protected from various types of attacks, and all transmitted data is encrypted.
What are the risks?
The community guarantees each private owner the confidentiality of personal data and the safety of funds. However, remember that any investment is always associated with risk, which is proportional to profit. Therefore, we have chosen the optimal ratio of profitability and risk when compiling investment variations, as well as the risks are reduced to zero by observing the rules and personal agreements between community members, you can find more details in the community Rules.
I forgot password from personal account, what should I do?

Use the password recovery form through the “Forgot password” function

Someone wanted to hack into my account, I changed my password, but I can’t login, what should I do?
To log in after several unsuccessful login attempts, check your e-mail, you will receive a letter with a link that activates your account, you need to click on it. Then your account will be activated and you will be able to log into your account using the username and password that you used previously. If you change the password when trying to log in to your account, use the form to change the password, but you won`t be able to enter. Check your email, you should receive a link to activate your account, click on it, then enter your account using your username and NEW PASSWORD, which was generated instead of the old password.
How to change the email address and payment details?
To ensure the safety of our customers and partners, changing details and e-mails is carried out only by submitting a request to the community technical support service in the corresponding department, you can use the feedback form in the "Contacts" section
How can I increase my income in the community?
The community has an additional opportunity to make a profit for its development and popularization, for participating in an affiliate program, and a unique bonus program has been developed that will allow you to receive valuable gifts. Just participate in affiliate and bonus programs.
Do I need to submit data on my income to the tax?
PIC TRADE LTD is registered in the jurisdiction with a special taxation regime, and each member of the community independently decides to pay taxes. We cannot put pressure on the participant.
My personal referral link for inviting friends.
Your personal affiliate link is displayed in the upper left part of your personal account and contains a unique identifier for the participant, by which we will accurately determine the friend you invited at the time of his first visit to the site. Your invitee will be able to see your identifier in the "You invited" field when registering in the community.
What is the customer support work schedule?
Customer support works in online chat 24 hours 7 days a week.
How are customer requests processed in customer support?
We accept the request, check and review, passing to the appropriate department. The client receives a response no later than in 120 hours from the moment of processing the request.
What guarantees can the community provide for my peace of mind?

There are no guarantees, there are reliability factors, based on them we can convincingly tell you that your risks are proportional to your development in the community, if you do not develop, then you risk that you will receive nothing but your money.

Reliability Factors:

1) Deadline for deposit: It does not happen that a participant has invested once, and all his life receives an accrued% of dividends. We work in cycles.

2) There is no complex %: With complex % there is no development plan, it is impossible to calculate a complex percentage, and at the moment there are no active assets that could cover this type of profitability.

3) Regular payments: according to the chosen period of cooperation, the participant stably receives dividends. We have been cooperating under such conditions for several years.

4) The “panic” factor is excluded: There is no instant return of the deposit body, thereby there is no panic factor and instant activity termination, each participant receives income in a planned and even manner.

5) According to the plan: The planned community development with clear goals, tasks and conditions for the strengthening and expansion of the community business-areas.

6) Linear %: Reasonable profitability is supported by existing business areas, with linear % people know how much they will receive for the entire period.

7) Time-tested: Since November 2017, we have been cooperating with partners and let everyone earn money. Now everyone who wants to cooperate with us can use the capabilities of our community and test us already in November 2019.

8) We have our own Stabilization Fund: this makes it possible to reduce the risks of each participant. In the event of any force majeure, we have the opportunity to almost completely replenish the contributions of each member of the community with the support of the Stabilization Fund

9) The activity is backed up: We use the crowdfunding model to implement the liquid lines of the land business, which in turn reinforce the % of dividends for the participant.

The key to our success: satisfied wealthy people, a liquid business, strategic development, and words do not differ with deeds.

Is it possible to visit your main office?
The legal office of the company is designed directly to perform tasks related to our business areas. At the moment, we do not have a staff that can do work directly with customers, remotely you can contact any department in the Contacts section to resolve your issue as soon as possible.
Can PIC-TRADE be classified as HYIP?
Excluded. You can think so because of the amount of profit received by our participants, nothing more. Any other analogies are unacceptable to our entire community. We do business, the company is officially registered, we cooperate with participants from many countries, you need time to better understand this.
Is PIC-TRADE a financial pyramid?
No. Since we carry out real activities using the leverage of a land-based business through an officially registered company, and fully comply with the criteria of a business entity.
Can I insure my investment?
PIC TRADE LTD does not provide direct insurance because we are not an insurance company. At the same time, PIC TRADE LTD has a large stabilization fund in case of an unforeseen situation, where up to 20% is deducted when opening a new deposit (with the consent of the participant). Funds from the fund will help stabilize the situation and mitigate the negative consequences, providing investment comfort to our participants. This is the insurance element for each participant.
What do you need to know when creating an account in the community?
The main requirements for the user who intends to create an account in the community investment programs: The participant must not be younger than 18 years old; The participant must not be a citizen of the country, or be at the time of creating an account in a country where online investment activity is prohibited by local law.
Can I use community investment offers without creating an account?
This is impossible, since the system requires an unmistakable and unique identification of each participant, registration in the system gives such an opportunity.
Can I open multiple accounts at once?
Multiple registration is prohibited. If the community administration finds a violation of this rule, all accounts of the participant who violated it will be automatically blocked without a refund from the accounts.
How can I refuse the notifications that I receive from the company?
By registering an account on our online platform, you confirm your consent to receive letters, notifications and other information from our community. This is necessary for the complete safety and efficiency of the cooperation process.
Is a special link required when registering on the site?
No. Just use any link to our official website: https://pic-trade.company. This can be either a direct or affiliate (so-called referral) link.
What additional documents may be required after registration?
If a situation arises when it is necessary to exhaustively identify the owner of the active account, we may request some additional information from the participant. In all other cases, the provision of additional documents and other personal information is not required.
How can I change my password?
To change the password, use the appropriate function of your personal account or contact the technical department in the Contacts section.
What currencies are deposits made in?
You can make a recharge in any way convenient for you from the proposed payment systems of the community. All contributions to the community are made in the currency of the community "TOKEN" rate of $1 = 1 token.
What does the PIC-TRADE community offer me?

Today, the community gives you the opportunity to earn from 0.58% per week to 120% of net income per year, you can improve the quality of your life by participating in the program and gain financial independence.

How often and for how long will I receive income from my contribution?
The accrual takes place daily, and receiving a profit is made according to the chosen option of cooperation: weekly, monthly, semi-annually, annually. The period of cooperation is 12 months from the date of deposit processing.
Is it possible to invest one cryptocurrency and withdraw another?
Yes, you can invest in any way that is available to you from those proposed by our community, automatically converting your funds into community tokens for making a deposit, and withdraw in the same way, but if you change the invested currency to another, the commission will be at least 1% of the amount.
How to get more profit?
Increase the amount of your investments through a new deposit and choose a different deposit period. You can also invite new members to the community and take part in the affiliate program. Using the capabilities of the bonus program, you will receive worthy gifts from the community for each rank achieved.
Is it possible to add the number of tokens to an active deposit?
No, you cannot add a new number of tokens to an existing deposit, but you can open a new deposit.
How many tokens are required to participate?

The minimum investment amount depends on your chosen status of joining the community, but not less than 10 tokens.

Is it possible to open several deposits at the same time?
Yes, such an opportunity exists. Each registered member of the community has the right to open an unlimited number of deposits, but the total amount of investments should not be more than 50,000 tokens.
How to get my income?
You can order a payment in your personal account by exchanging your tokens for the desired currency, and withdraw funds through a convenient payment system.
Can I make changes to my own payment details?
Yes. You can do this, if necessary.
How to withdraw funds?
All payments are made by the financial department in manual mode. The withdrawal procedure takes 120 hours. You create an application for withdrawal in your personal account. If you have problems with the withdrawal, contact Support. If the participant has provided inaccurate, incomplete data on the withdrawal system, no withdrawal is made, and the request for withdrawal is rejected until the correction or clarification of your payment data.
How to withdraw a deposit ahead of schedule?
Early withdrawal of the deposit is not provided in the system, but you can always write to the technical department (support@pic-trade.company) with a request for early withdrawal and your deposit cancellation. Processing and consideration of your request may take up to 5 business days. After processing and recalculating your deposit, the body will be returned to your account balance, and the profit % will be no more than 1% for each period (week, month, half year, year) according to your contribution. All costs, commissions, and additional costs are borne by the participant.
What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?

The minimum withdrawal is 0.5 tokens, BTC 0.03, ETH 0.4, LTC 0.6.

What is the maximum amount I can withdraw?

There is no limit on the withdrawn amount. There is an accrual of 6% per annum on the balance.

Are there any commissions when depositing funds to the balance sheet?
When depositing funds in the community office, no additional fees will be charged. However, it must be borne in mind that payments may be subject to fees from payment systems.
Are there any withdrawal fees?
We try to remove unnecessary expenses for the withdrawal of funds of community members, commissions are not charged on our part. The commission will be only if you made a deposit in one currency, and withdraw funds in another. The size of the commission is 1% of the amount.
Can I convert my money?
No, this option is not provided.
What do you need to know about the affiliate program and its work?
An affiliate program is beneficial for each participant, but a lot depends on the status that you choose when registering in the community: “MONEY” or “FREE”. You can get more detailed information about the affiliate program on the page “Affiliate program” .
Do I need to have a deposit in order to receive affiliate rewards?

The participant has deposit and “FREE” status of Level 2: 5%-2% The participant has deposit and “MONEY” status of 5 Levels: 12%-5%-1%-1%-1% It is beneficial for you to have an active deposit - this is income, stability, reliability, success and a personal example for your friends and acquaintances!

Is it possible to receive affiliate rewards for promoting the community in general?
Yes. For this, it is necessary to use the advertising materials provided to each participant in his personal accounts as efficiently as possible. Increasing advertising efforts, you increase your partner potential and the amount of money earned.
For how many deposits made by invited member can I get affiliate rewards?
Whenever your member creates a new deposit, you will receive affiliate rewards up to level 5 of your entire team.
What is the amount of affiliate reward?

For any deposit made by the participant you personally invited, You will receive from 5 to 12% of the nominal value of this deposit.

What are the conditions for accruing an affiliate bonus?
A deposit must be created using your affiliate link. % and depth level depends on your platform status.
What is the procedure for paying affiliate rewards?
Payments of partner remuneration are similar to payments of accruals on created deposits. After receiving the affiliate reward, you create an application for withdrawal and wait for its processing.
Does the amount of my affiliate reward depend on the amount of my own deposits?
The amount of affiliate reward does not depend on the amount of your own deposits in our affiliate program, however, to receive rewards for the bonus program you must control the necessary amount of personal deposit.
When exactly will I receive affiliate rewards for deposits made by my member?
You will receive a partner reward as soon as your member creates a deposit.
Can I change the member who invited me?
No. We try not to burden our technical department with additional work, but if objective and weighty arguments are provided, we can consider your request.
Can I lose my affiliate link or can it be blocked?
No. Your affiliate link is assigned to you on an ongoing basis and cannot be blocked or lost in any other way. You can always see it in your office.
How can I use an affiliate link?
The affiliate link is designed to identify new members of the community as personally invited by you. Because by registering a personal account using your affiliate link, the system captures any such user as your personally invited participant. Forever and ever. Therefore, it is important to be active and enterprising, providing your affiliate link to as many people as possible. Thus, you significantly increase your potential and the size of your own partner structure.
What are the restrictions on using affiliate links?
It is strictly forbidden to any investor, user, partner to use an affiliate link, mention of an affiliate link or community advertising materials using spam technologies.
What is a Bonus program?
The Bonus program is a rank accumulative program that allows you to receive gifts for a comfortable life for achieving ranks. Ranks are achieved through the formation of a team of like-minded people. The program strengthens the personal growth motivation of each participant.
Who can take part in the Bonus program?
Any interested participant who is registered in the community with the status "MONEY".
What to do to receive a gift?
The participant’s task is to form a team of like-minded people who are ready to take part in the development of the community, also to increase the personal investment amount, and pick up gifts according to the achieved rank.
How to get a gift?
Community members receive all gifts within 30 days of reaching a certain rank. The participant’s task is to write a letter with the subject “Waiting for a gift, RANK, login” to the promotion department: bonus@pic-trade.company. Provide the following data: Surname, First name, Middle name, Login, Phone, Telegram and send the page of the passport, where all the specified data are confirmed, the same data must be indicated in the personal data of the member’s account. After receiving the gift, the participant must record a video review in any form about receiving the gift without fail within 7 days. Send the video to the incentive department with the theme "Thank you for the gift, RANK, login". If a participant does not want to record a video about receiving a gift, then he leaves the Bonus Program.
How long does it take to reach a rank?
It does not matter for what period the rank will be achieved, there are no restrictions, nothing burns, is trimmed and is not reset! You can calmly reach rank by rank by receiving valuable gifts from the community - this is how your development is stimulated. Upon reaching a new rank, the amount of personal deposit, the number of participants and the personal turnover of attracted tokens from line 1 is added up.
What happens when I reach 8-th rank well ?
After reaching all ranks, you are offered the opportunity to share in community business projects, with the issuance of business shares, which will always be yours and you can inherit them.
Can I get a gift in cash?
No, the Bonus program is designed exclusively for advertising aims for the community and encouraging aims for the participant.
How many gifts can I get?
You can receive one gift of each rank.
gifts can I get?
According to the ranking system in the community, you can get: - Modern Apple, GoPro products. - Two tourist trips to any country of your choice. - Premium cars: Audi A4, BMW 3, or Mercedes-Benz C-class to choose from. - Real estate (apartment in your city).
This is a community resource that was created to protect the assets of each member, stable operation and resolve unforeseen force majeure situations.
How does the STABFUND work?
When placing a deposit, each participant can use the option of insuring his personal funds. To do this, he agrees to fund 20% of the amount of investments to STABFOND, which in turn makes it possible to save at least 80% of the deposit and protect the participant from any possible losses.
Is STABFUND a prerequisite?
The community does not force participants to insure their assets, but recommends that they do so, guided by the practice of successful people, for safety and to avoid the loss of their personal funds. Using the capabilities of the STABFUND you can always save 80% of your invested funds. The decision is left to the participant. We provide complete freedom of choice.
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